Weekend in Review: 2/11-2/13

We didn’t do a whole lot this weekend, but it was one of my favorites in awhile! On Friday I went to Van’s and he made us a yummy dinner and then we spent the evening hanging out and watching silly TV that we never have time for during the weekend (or even usually on the weekends for that matter)!

On Saturday my mom and I met at the dress shop because I got a call on Friday that my dress had arrived! Yay!! I was hoping this would be happening soon! I tried it on and was happy to find out that it fits perfectly and that it even needs to be taken in quite a bit in the straps. No problem with that! We scheduled my appointment for alterations and then were done before we knew it. Prom season is upon us so there were quite a few teenagers there trying on all kinds of bright dresses. So fun, but I didn’t want to stay any longer than we had to!

We ran some errands and then went to my house where we hung out and napped and then got ready for our Valentine’s date! We were going for a more low-key casual evening so we went to Brickhouse Tavern and sat at the bar for a bit while we waited for our table. We just talked and laughed and it was so great. Times like these really make me aware of how Van is truly my best friend. I could sit and talk to him all night long (if he could handle it!) haha We had a great night celebrating our love and friendship 🙂

We went to Van’s on Sunday after church and then I came home shortly after so I could run some errands and get some stuff done. My mom and I even spent awhile going through the invitations and then sealed all of them! It really didn’t take us too long, but if I was going to do it again, I would use peal and stick envelopes!


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