Ten on Thursday

1. Ok so the picture pretty much sums it up, but only 65 more days until I get to marry Van Lambert!!!

2. Since the big day is getting closer, our to-do list is filling up quite quickly. We wrote out everything we have yet to do and it seems that we need to meet with just about everyone on the planet. And we thought we were busy before!

3. On a completely separate note, earlier this week as I was driving to work, I drove under a railroad track bridge and the best train I’ve ever seen was going across the bridge! It was the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey train! I couldn’t help but think about what was in those cars for the rest of my drive to work. Surely elephants ride separately?!

4. I wrote an article for the weekly newsletter I write at work about the upcoming Jeopardy! show featuring IBM’s computer Watson. Next Monday-Wednesday the show will air and Watson will compete against Ken Jennings and another Jeopardy! champion. I wrote about it because my company does the foodservice for IBM and so they provided service for the Jeopardy! crew surrounding the 2 week filming process. I’d share the article if I could, but sadly, it’s for internal publication only 😦

5. My gym attendance has been just terrible this week. The beginning of the week started out with pure exhaustion from the weekend and then I felt sick the next few days. But I went this morning and am planning on going tomorrow too. And Saturday’s weather is supposed to be super nice so Van and I are planning on playing some tennis! Yayy!

6. I went to Van’s on Tuesday and he made the most delicious pork chops for dinner. They were marinated/cooked in bbq sauce and some other things that Van added. He also made cole slaw that was also great. We also had broccoli and cheese and while it didn’t really fit with the meal, I chose to have it and it was good too!

7. Today is my parent’s 32nd anniversary! I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful example in my life – thanks mom & dad!

8. Have you ever heard of Coconut Oil? It’s pretty much the most amazing multi-purpose thing out there. It is made to serve as a butter substitute, but it can be used for so much more. It’s a great moisturizer and even takes off eye makeup with ease! I tested it in cooking on Sunday in the rice krispie treats I took to the Super Bowl party. I’m proud to say that each and every one of them were gone halfway into the party and so many people asked me how I had made them! Sounds like a winner to me!

9. Seriously. You have to try that stuff! It comes 2/pack so you can use one in the kitchen and the other for lotion or makeup remover or whatever!

10. How in the world is it almost Friday? For some reason I am so excited for what this weekend holds – lots of quality time with Van and not a lot of plans!


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