Weekend in Review: 2/4-2/6

I knew this weekend was going to be great – simply because I would be spending it with MRS. Caitlyn Andersen. I still can’t believe she’s married. And I really can’t believe that I’m getting married…in less than 3 months nonetheless! Cait’s flight didn’t arrive until around 10 pm so Van and I made dinner together and just relaxed for awhile. I must admit though that Van did most of the relaxing while I feverishly cleaned my room. I’m going to have to work on being more diligent about putting my stuff away at the end of the day instead of at the end of the week since I will soon have a full-time roommate! I can guarantee that he wouldn’t be too fond of my stuff lying all over the floor!
After we picked Cait up from the airport we went back to my house and had her favorite – cake pops! We needed her to test/approve them for an upcoming project (hint hint)! Van went to bed shortly after since it was way past his bedtime. But we stayed up talking into the wee hours of the night. I think we could have stayed up all night talking had we not been completely exhausted from the week.
On Saturday morning we got up and did some printing and postage purchasing after breakfast. We didn’t quite accomplish our goal, but we got a lot done that would be helpful for our tasks later in the day. We had a nice lunch at Camille’s and then enjoyed some white chocolate frozen yogurt at Fresh Berry. We started working on the RSVP cards when we got home and did so until it was time for dinners. We made paninis (Cait’s first time) and they were delish. We realized that we needed some stuff from WalMart so we went out for a little journey at around 8. We worked on invitation stuff until we went to bed after 1am.  Whew!

On Sunday morning we were both pooped to say the least! Van arrived and we went to church and then it was sadly time to take Cait back to the airport. Such a quick little trip, but I am so thankful she came and that we got to spend that time together. Thankfully she’ll be here a little longer next time!!
Van and I took a nap after church and then got our snacks ready to take to Justin’s Super Bowl party. There were all kinds of delicious foods there. I brought Rice Krispy treats made with Coconut Oil and they were a huge hit. Of course I loved that! I think I could bake something every day just because I like people’s happy responses. If only these things were calorie-free! I wasn’t really all that invested in the game, but I was glad that the Packers won!


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