Ten on Tuesday

Nothing overly exciting to share, but some great things going on nonetheless. Let’s begin…

1. I skipped the gym yesterday morning saying I would go after work. Yeah right. That never works! I then convinced myself that I had a headache and was too tired to exercise. And then I just decided I needed to suck it up and do it! I ended up jumping rope and doing a little running at home. I did 2,500 jumps even though I had only planned on doing 1,000! Talk about a burst of energy!

2. Tonight I met up with Jamie, Casey and Jessica at La Patisserie in Mooresville. They recently opened their new location and they serve sandwiches, salads and crepes in addition to all of their wonderful treats!

3. I miss Van! I just saw him on Sunday, but it seems like it’s been forever. Tomorrow will be a good day!

4. Work is yet again super busy. I have so much to do tomorrow. Ay yi yi! But at least I’m loving it and doing some cool stuff!

5. This morning I had an eye appointment at 8:20 so I got to stay a lot longer at the gym. It was so nice not having to rush out of there and doing a few extra things.

6. I really want to exercise 5 days again this week, but I’m thinking only 4 will happen. I just want to sleep!

7. Caitlyn arrives on Friday night!! She’ll only be here until Sunday afternoon, but I will take absolutely any time that I can get with this amazing friend. I have no doubt that we will laugh a whole lot this weekend. I’m so ready for that!

8. The wedding is getting so close. I can’t believe it! I wish I could just do all of the little last minute things NOW and not wait until later! But I guess that’s just how it works!

9. Casey and I talked about Ana White’s Furniture Blog tonight and I’m just dying to make something! So many options, but my top picks are the Pottery Barn-esque beds and entryway items. Love.

10. I’m ready for bed. Good night!


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