Weekend in Review: 1/28-1/30

We knew our weekend would be a little complicated with a lot of driving so Van and I decided to just meet up for dinner after work on Friday. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and then walked around Target for a little while before making our last stop at Starbucks. We actually called it a night pretty early since we were both tired and ready to be at home.
He came over with his mom on Saturday morning and then she went with my mom and I to my first bridal shower! So exciting! My Scrap Shack friends Wendy and Pearl (April) hosted it and my Scrap Shack friends plus a few others were there. We had some delicious food, ate a beautifully delicious cake and opened presents while playing bingo. The Bingo squares had different gifts on them (silverware, towels, gift card, etc) on them and when I opened a gift, they put a marker on the word. So cute! Lots of talking and hanging out made for a fun afternoon! Thanks Pearl & Wendy!!

After unloading all of the gifts at my house, we drove back to Concord with Mama Lambert. Even though I was incredibly tired, I couldn’t seem to fall asleep, much to Van’s dismay. We hung around for awhile before going out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. We both had the salad bar and then walked around Wal-Mart for a little while people watching. What an eventful Saturday night!
Since we were serving at Remix on Sunday evening we just lounged around in the morning. Van napped and I watched silly wedding and decorating shows. I never have time to watch TV so it was kind of a nice treat. After lunch (chicken pot pie – yum!) we (van’s parents and us) met up with my parents at our apartment! We gave them the grand tour and they all approved. I can’t wait to get moved in and I know that Van is even more excited than I am. I’m so thankful for that because so many guys just let the girl get excited about it and aren’t interested in helping. I know he will be super helpful in organizing and putting together our new home! We went back to Mooresville after this and I got some stuff done while Van of course took a nap. Remix was great and then we went home to have dinner that my parents (aka mom) prepared. Delish!


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