Ten on Thursday

1. This week is my first full week of work since mid-December. While I love my days off, I also like having a regular schedule and ‘normal’ weeks.

2. Last week when Van and I were looking at the apartment, we were thinking of where we would put things in the kitchen. He wondered if our plates would even fit in the cabinets and then suggested we could just keep them in the dishwasher! Haha! I loved the suggestion, but I don’t think we’ll be doing that!

3. On Monday I brought my gym clothes with me to work so I could go to the Y on my way home. As I was walking in, I glanced down at my bag and noticed that I had two different shoes with me! Thankfully I had one left and one right shoe, but they were different colors! I just sucked it up and wore them so I didn’t have to waste time by going home and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew!

4. I went to Target tonight with hopes of finding a cute new outfit or dress or something. They had cute shirts and sweaters, but that’s the last thing I need! Why is it hard to find cute dresses during winter?

5. My first shower is on Saturday! The invitations were super cute with little 3D cupcakes at the top. Some Scrap Shack friends are hosting it and I’m so excited!!

6. Today was super busy at work. Every other Thursday seems to be that way. My team releases new promotions then and it seems like everything always has to be high stress with changes at the last minute. Whew!

7. I have gone to the gym 4 days so far this week! Just one more day and I’ve stuck to my word. I can do it! Anything is possible on a FRIDAY!

8. Speaking of Friday…thank goodness.

9. Project Life is coming along nicely. I think I may start a new thing next week showing my pictures. We’ll see. That could be hard to keep up with…

10. Less than 80 days!!! 🙂


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