Weekend in Review: 1/21-1/23

I loved the fact that we had very few plans this weekend and could just do what we wanted, when we wanted! Friday night started out with a great birthday party for our friend John the cowboy! He turned the big 3-0 and I’m glad we got to celebrate with him. The party was at Jessica’s oh-so-adorable apartment. She will definitely be assiting us when it comes time for us to decorate our home!

I slept in on Saturday (oh how wonderful) and was going to meet up with a lady I scrapbook for, but then her plans changed and we decided to reschedule. –slightly thankful!– So instead Van and I went out to do a little shopping (I needed new shoes…really I did need them). So we were going to go to a few different places, but decided to check out Target first since I also needed some deodorant. Oh my goodness GOLDMINE! Van found all sorts of adorable shoes!! I decided on 6 pairs (5 flats, 1 heel) and didn’t pay more than $6.25 a pair! Some were even $4.28! Van encouraged me to get all of them so of course I did! Here’s my sweet stash:

I’m prettttty excited about each and every one of them! They were exactly what I was looking for…especially the heels! We checked some stuff out at Ollie’s (danger zone) before coming back to my house to hang out and relax for the rest of the day. I did some wedding stuf and then we started working on a puzzle that we bought at Ollie’s. My dad even joined in on the fun!

We went to the early service on Sunday and then came home and hung out until we went to meet the landlord of an apartment we’re interested in renting!! We signed the papers and will be moving in sometime in April! It all came together so quickly/well and it’s so clear that this is where God wants us to be. The landlord is really nice and she’s already been really easy to work with. This is all becoming SO real! Yayy!


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