Ten on Thursday

This week is just flying by. I’m thankful it’s already Thursday, but am not sure where the rest of the week went! Anywho…

1. There has been a lot of office moving at work this week. At least 6 people around me have gotten new/bigger offices/cubes. It was a random change, but I like my new neighbors!

2. We started Crazy Love at Life Group this week and I realllly like it!

3. Project Life is coming along well in the first week. I’m happy to report that I’ve taken 6 pictures so far…one for each day!

4. Van got me a Life Application Study Bible for Christmas and I’m loving it. It’s his favorite Bible and the one he got me is Turquoise and Brown. Perhaps another reason I love it?!

5. My mom made Grilled Ham & Cheese sandwiches for dinner tonight. That was just what I needed! Simple can often be so much better.

6. Winter Jam is this Sunday and I’m really looking forward to it! Last year was a lot of fun, but I wasn’t nearly as close with those friends as I am now. Heidi is even going to meet us there! Yay!!

7. My dad had 2 phone interviews today. Hoping one of these will turn into a job.

8. This week my family started our big home organization project. The paper shredder has been running all week and there are bags everywhere of things to donate/recycle/sell/throw away! I have 4 bags/boxes in my room alone! Woohoo!

9. The next book Van and I are reading is called Sacred Marriage. It was also recommended to me by my boss. I read Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas a few weeks ago and it was so insightful. I definitely recommend it!

10. Speaking of Van, he’s pretty wonderful. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ten on Thursday

  1. Get ready for Sacred Marriage, it is the JAM! Excited you’re reading it. It challenged me in ways that I absolutely did not expect. Hope you’re doing wonderfully!

    • I’m really excited to read it too. My boss said the same thing about it that you did! I hope wedding planning is going well for you!!

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