Weekend in Review: 12/30-1/2

This weekend started off extra early as we only had to work until 2 on Thursday! I exercised at the gym at work before driving home and running some errands. I took a little nap in the afternoon and enjoyed the night just relaxing with no plans. While I was taking the afternoon off, Van so lovingly picked up our new couch and put it away for storage until we move. So thankful for that guy!

On Friday morning I got up early so Anna and I could get breakfast together. She was in town from France for a few days and I snagged some time with her just before she had to leave again. Thankfully she’s coming back for good in April/May. I sure have missed the presence and fabulous advice of my sweet friend. She came back to my house for a little while and then Van arrived with flowers! There was one rose (for one year, Van’s idea) and two blue flowers on either side (one for each of us, but he gives credit to the florist for that one). There were other pretty flowers mixed in too and I just loved that he thought to get them for me.

I can’t believe we met one year ago today! I have spent the past year absolutely in love and happier than I could have ever imagined…all from meeting Van on New Year’s Eve!

After Anna left Van and I ran some errands. He made us chicken salad when we got home and then we read and relaxed the rest of the afternoon. I signed up for my 401 K today too, which is exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking because we don’t completely understand it all. I’m thankful my parents are so knowledgeable in that department! After a little nap we made a tasty treat for the New Year’s Eve party and then got ready and went to Travis and Emily’s for a little while. The party we went to was at The Upper Room in Statesville and we spent the evening playing games and worshipping into the New Year.

Again, it’s crazy to think that we met at a party with the same friends we hang out with just a year ago. On that night, he friended me on Facebook after the party and I accepted it immediately (even though Jess thought I should at least wait until the next day). From there we talked a little through Facebook and then through texts and the rest is history!

We didn’t sleep in nearly as much as I wanted to on Saturday. After doing our usual morning routine of drinking coffee, playing Sodoku (van) and reading blogs (me), we drove to Van’s Grandma’s house to see if there was any furniture or anything we would need for our apartment. We picked out a few things and then shared some Chinese food on our way back to Mooresville. We sound like such lazy people, but we came back home and just relaxed. That’s what the weekends are for though, right!? We had a nice dinner with my parents and then my dad and Van watched the TCU v. Wisconsin bowl game. My dad had gotten a Red Box and it was The Backup Plan with JLo. He claims that there wasn’t anything else good available. Van didn’t last more than 20 minutes and my dad only stayed around as long as he did because my mom made popcorn. He left after he was done with that and my mom and I enjoyed the rest of the mindless movie. It wasn’t absolutely terrible, but I definitely wouldn’t buy it or even watch it again!

After a relaxing Sunday morning, Van and I drove to Northlake Mall to check out a few stores before meeting up with Erika and Becca for lunch. We mainly just browsed around Borders and I ended up buying 2 books that were on my list. While I was standing in line, a lady gave me a 50% off coupon for one item! So nice! I’m most excited to read:

We had a great lunch with Erika and Becca at Hickory Tavern. Van and I split the Shrimp and Grits and also a salad. Not very healthy, but oh so yummy! We chatted for awhile and then left for my house while Becca went to visit her cousin. Erika and I spent the afternoon catching up while Van watched some football game with my dad and read/napped downstairs. We had to serve at church so we did that and then came home for dinner with the family. Van ended up staying for quite awhile. We even made a pact (offered by him) that he would do all of the laundry and clean the toilet every week if I would clean the shower. I HATE cleaning the shower, but that’s not a bad deal! He actually enjoys doing the laundry, but I’m not sure if it really will last or not. Erika did make everyone who was present sign the contract though so it may just be a done deal. Sadly I had to get to bed shortly after 10, but Erika was joining me for my morning commute so at least we had some more time to talk in the morning! I LOVED seeing her and spending even just a short amount of time together.


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