Weekend in Review: 12/24-12/26

This weekend was extra long because I had the whole week off. That was such a nice treat, but it went by so quickly! On Friday Van and I hung around my house for awhile before heading over to his Great Aunt’s house for gifts and dinner. It was crazy hearing everyone talk about being so excited for the wedding because last time I saw most of them was the first time we met and Van and I were only dating then. I got to talk to his grandma for awhile, which was nice because I had only met her briefly before. We had a yummy feast (turkey, ham and BBQ) with all sorts of southern sides and desserts. We opened presents after we ate and his parents really spoiled me! They gave me a new camera! I’m so excited to be able to take pictures without worrying about whether my camera will turn on or not. I also got Project Life from his Grandma and Great Aunt. Project Life is built around a concept where you take a picture every day for a year, documenting the large and small things in life. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile and this will be the perfect year to capture details of daily life. Yayy! This is what comes in the package:

I can’t wait to update it and keep you posted on my progress. Maybe I’ll even share the pics here on the blog. Hmm…

A little after the gift opening was done, I left so I could meet my family at church in Davidson for the candlelight service. We went home and had paninis for dinner and then my dad and I played a few games of Boggle. Early to bed for Santa in the morning (definitely didn’t go to sleep early, but instead stayed up way too late).

I got up at around 8 on Christmas Day and showered and got ready before going downstairs. I have NEVER done this before on Christmas! But I was leaving around 11 to go to Van’s for a little while and wanted to be ready and not rushed. My dad made coffee cake and we enjoyed that while checking out the loot in our stockings. After we opened all of the presents from each other, I left for Concord to celebrate the day with his family. We opened gifts and then went over to his other Great Aunt’s house (The Girls) and had another round of southern food with even more family. I loved this!! After a few hours we got ready and headed back to Mooresville to celebrate with my family. Van opened his stocking and then we gave my family their gifts and Van got to open his. Kirsten also came over and we all had dinner (ham, mom’s macaroni and cheese, my asparagus, etc.) and spent the rest of the evening laughing and playing Uno. What a great Christmas!! I loved being able to share the day with Van and both of our families.

On Sunday Van got a call early in the morning that he would have to go in to work later that day and work a 12 hour shift. Yikes! I hate that he and Travis had to postpone their day of cooking deer meat…they had been looking forward to it for so long! Instead we did a little morning shopping with Dad (good finds for everyone at Kohl’s!) and then Van headed back home to rest up before the long night ahead of him. I enjoyed the day organizing and throwing away things that I’ve been saving, but will never need (notes from Stats class freshman year? No thanks!) My family, Kirsten, Will and Adam all went to see Little Fockers in the afternoon. It was so funny!  I just love those movies! When we got home I made Cake Pops/Balls and froze the majority for a little wedding test project. Everyone was so intrigued as to what I was doing and I think they liked them. They all commented on how sweet they were…and I believe that’s the goal! All in all, a wonderful Christmas weekend – maybe even one of the best!

PS Did I mention it snowed on Christmas!? Because it definitely did – lots! It’s beautiful while it’s falling and on the weekends when you can stay inside, but kind of a pain when you have to drive places, like work! I have a feeling that this was just the first of several snows this winter. Better get out my warmer gloves!


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