Weekend in Review: 12/3-12/5

How in the world is it already December!? I feel like it was just yesterday that Van and I started making wedding plans and now we’re only 4 months away!! Wow. I’m sooo excited and so ready for the wait to be over.

There wasn’t anything overly spectacular about this past weekend, but I really enjoyed it for some reason. Van and I met up at Carabba’s after work on Friday and were finally able to use a gift card that I’ve had for awhile. It was kind of exciting because we got there separately and it felt like we were still dating. I felt giddy about seeing him and spending the weekend together. We went to Concord Mills for a little while after that. We bought a little gift and then just looked around before going back to his house. We were both super tired and called it an early night (like usual)!

Van was up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and had so much energy. Not me. I needed more sleep! We went to Mooresville later in the morning and went to pick out a Christmas tree with my mom. Then my dad and Van set it up and we were ready for decorations! We had to put this on hold until Sunday though because we had a fun evening ahead of us. The local theater group, Davidson Community Players, were putting on a special show of The Christmas Story. That is my dad’s favorite Christmas movie so we got him tickets to see it for his birthday in November. It was really cute and funny. The theater was in an old church and was quite cozy. During intermission Van suggested that we go out to eat instead of going home for dinner – his treat! Aww isn’t he sweet? So we went to Brickhouse in Davidson. We had to wait for a little while so we watched some of the Civil War (Oregon State v. University of Oregon) as well as NC State v. Syracuse. We had a yummy and oh-so-unhealthy dinner. We were all stuffed when we got home, but it was a pretty early evening since the show started at 4.

After a morning of relaxation my parents and I decorated the tree while Van took a little nap. We went to take pictures of Wendy’s family for their Christmas card and then did some more shopping. Almost everything has been purchased and we are good to go! We came home and wrapped everything we had and then Van was lucky enough to help my dad put up some lights outside. We went to Remix, came home and had dinner and before I knew it, it was time for Van to leave.  😦

This coming week is going to be b-u-s-y with work. Just two more weeks until my Christmas vacation starts! Woohoo! I LOVE my job, but vacation days sure are nice!


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