(Long) Weekend in Review 11/24-11/30

After a little blogging break, I’m ready to return! The week of Thanksgiving was wonderful and I could definitely get used to only working 2 1/2 days each week!

On Wednesday we were able to leave early and it was so exciting! No commuting at night (or at all for that matter) for almost a week sounded so great. I was able to leave before Van even got off and then he was going to go to the gym so I stayed in Charlotte and planned on doing a little shopping. I went to one store, Paper Skyscraper, and it was so cool! I would like one of everything please. So many neat things to choose from and a great place to buy gifts. While I was there I got an email saying a Red Alert (food recall) was going to come out before the end of the day. When this happens, I have an hour to re-format the email in our system and send it out across the company. In anticipation of this, I searched for a coffee house and happened upon Caribou Coffee in Dilworth. While I waited I got a Ho Ho Mint White Mocha. Oh My-lanta that thing was delish! I think I could drink one every single day…if only it wasn’t loaded with calories! I worked on all kinds of things and got a lot done. When I was almost finished, I looked up and saw a girl (Suz) I know from church! I couldn’t believe that we happened to be in this random place at the same time. She was getting ready to meet a friend at…get this…a new cupcake shop that had opened up down the street! What!? She invited me to join them and I was so excited! I finished up my work and we walked down to Divine Cupcakes where her friend was waiting. We sat and talked for a little while and enjoyed our cupcake and the free samples of frozen yogurt they also had available. I have to say, the cupcakes weren’t phenomenal, but it was a fun out-of-the-blue adventure! I headed on to Van’s after that and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and reading a little. Then we went to Chic-fil-A for dinner. Woohoo! We also stopped in Ollie’s and bought a cheap-o puzzle to put together on Thanksgiving. To say I was excited for the days ahead is an understatement.

On Thanksgiving morning we drank coffee and I watched some of the Macy’s parade. While Mama Lambert was cooking away, Van and I worked on our puzzle! We didn’t finish before it was time to eat, so it was put on hold until later in the day. My only cooking responsibility was to make my famous asparagus. As I was chopping the end off, I sliced (or filleted as Van would say) my thumb. Lots of blood and tears. I didn’t want to go to the ER and nobody was strongly suggesting that I go so Papa Lambert took care of me and wrapped my thumb up. I knew the cut was kind of deep and that I probably should have gone, but I think it would have been different if I had been at my own house with my parents. Oh well. We went to my house after finishing our beautiful puzzle.

My family decided to have my dad’s lasagna on Thanksgiving and normal Thanksgiving food a few days later. We enjoyed yummy food, games  and hanging out with my family. I must mention that Van won his first game of Scrabble! And that was playing against my dad and brother who always win!

When we woke up on Friday morning my thumb wasn’t looking so good so we went to the ER. After a few hours of waiting, we finally saw the doctor and he told us there wasn’t anything he could do. Apparently, after 8-12 hours after the injury, it’s too late! I was secretly happy (I didn’t want stitches or the shot!) and they used some strips to pull the wound together. Van went home shortly after we got back and I spent the day just hanging out and cooking a few things for Saturday’s Thanksgiving feast.

On Saturday Van came back and he helped make delicious homemade stuffing. We did a little Christmas shopping after that! I’ve never started my shopping so early and it felt great! I’ll have to keep Van around 🙂 We worked on a Puzzle of Portland with Derek while watching the NC State game. Sadly they lost. But our puzzle looked great!

Dinner was delightful and we had my pumpkin cream pie afterward. It seemed to be well-received and I thought it was great. We played some Scrabble later on and then called it a night. No wins for Van or myself.

We went to church on Sunday morning and then headed to Concord for lunch with Van’s family. Mama Lambert said that we were going to have a lighter lunch, but we ended up having Chuckwagons (some kind of breaded meat on a sandwich). Totally not light at all. I stayed almost all day and then went home to relax a little since I also took Monday off!

After working out on Monday, my mom and I got ready to go shopping! We went to Concord and bought my veil and selected the bridesmaid dress! I even got to try it on. So excited to check both of those things off my list! Then we went to Concord Mills and did some Christmas shopping. We had a little time before our movie started, so we went to a frozen yogurt place. This was the first time my mom had seen a place like that where you fill your own cup and put your own toppings on. She started out saying she wasn’t going to get very much, but she ended up getting almost three times as much as I did! The movie we saw was Love and Other Drugs. I do not recommend it. Too much sex and the story line that could have been there was missing. Bummer! We did end the evening right by going to a new restaurant in downtown Mooresville called Epic Chophouse. Wow! They are going to be successful! I had the vegetable pasta and my mom had the tenderloin. Both were terrific. I will definitely go back!

My (long) weekend finally comes to an end here. I was sad to see it end, but am thankful that I will get another break in just a few weeks! I think the holidays and days off from work are the best part of winter!


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