A Month of Thankfulness

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There is so much to be thankful for! During the month of November, I’m going to write something I’m thankful for every day (in no particular order). And so, right now I’m thankful for…

1. the amazing love of my savior who died for me. He blesses me day in and day out, even when I’m too busy/selfish to notice. His grace is enough for me and there is nothing I am more thankful for.

2. my incredibly sweet, yet very manly, fiancé. I’m constantly impressed by the many ways he loves me. I am thankful for Van every single day.

3. a super supportive and loving family that always makes me laugh.

4. friends all over the world who are absolutely amazing and bring so much joy to my life every day.

5. my job that is better than I could have ever expected.

6. heat in my car that makes the chilly mornings bearable. And my car for that matter!

7. an iPod that helps the morning commute go quickly.

8. energy to wake up early to exercise.

9. the resources to be able to have a wedding.

10. future in-laws who I adore, get along with really well and love me.

11. clean water to drink whenever I want. This is a big one since there are so many people around the world who have never even had clean water 😦

12. airplanes that make seeing loved ones so quick and easy.

13. post-it notes and note pads. I make lists on these things every.single.day!

14. huge trees with leaves that change to brilliant shades of orange and red. So beautiful!

15. my Life Group. Such fabulous friends who really know how to love.

16. creativity. I love that I can get a new idea from just about anything!

17. my boss. She couldn’t be more amazing. I admire her and definitely look to her as a friend and mentor.

18. the Cove Church. What a wonderful body of people who are continually teaching and guiding me.

19. cell phones/email that allow for such constant communication.

20. holidays that give us days off work.

21. fun blogs that inspire me and fill my mind with cool ideas.

22. the promises of our Savior.

23. cupcake shops that melt me with their adorableness.

24. access to good insurance.

25. frozen yogurt places that let you fill your own cup and add your own toppings.

26. doctors and other  health care professionals who help keep me healthy and safe.

27. Target. If I could only shop at one place for the rest of my life, I would choose Target.

28. memories that make me smile as I look back on them.

29. cameras that capture snippets of all of those memories.

30. And finally? I’m thankful for love. What a beautiful and indescribable thing!


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