Weekend in Review 11/19-11/21

After a tough day at work on Friday, a relaxing weekend was exactly what I needed. Van and I ate dinner with my parents and just hung out all night. We woke up kind of early on Saturday and I spent most of the morning cleaning and organizing. I got a lot of things done that I haven’t had time to do lately. It was great! By 10 Van was ready for a nap (“I woke up at 7! It’s time for a nap!”). Jessica came over later in the afternoon to hang out. I had gotten to the point where I knew I had plenty of clothes to wear, but I just needed some help putting things together. She helped me find so many new outfits and pair things with one another that I would have never done before. I feel like I have a new wardrobe!

After assessing my closet, we picked up our new friend Ebony and went shopping! Jessica has been talking about this store called Style Exchange for the longest time so we definitely had to go there. We took some clothes with us to see if they’d buy them and we were pretty successful! Now that I know more about what they’re looking for, I may have to bring a few other things by. We each got a few things and then went over to TJ Maxx for a quick trip. I just love finding good quality clothes at amazing prices. Faaabulous!

Jessica went back to my house so we could go to Travis and Emily’s housewarming party that they called Asian Persuasion. I was incredibly impressed by Travis’ sushi making skills. Holy cow! They also had lots of other yummy Asian foods and we had a great time hanging out with lots of great friends.

One of the highlights was definitely when Rachael and I were sitting by the fire with our feet up along the side. My feet started to get hot and then I saw some smoke. Do you see where this is going?! Oh yes. My shoes were melting!! Rachael laughed at me and then checked her shoes a few minutes later and she said she could cook something on them they were so hot! We of course got a great laugh out of this. And thankfully, our shoes weren’t destroyed!

Sunday was super relaxing. We stayed at my house until about 11 and then headed to Concord. Van even stopped at Dilworth coffee so I could get a yummy drink. After accidentally ordering Snickerdoodle coffee, I went back inside for the Snickerdoodle latte. Much better. On our way to Van’s we drove through some neighborhoods so Van could show me the kind of neighborhood he’d like to live in. I approved. He wants a mature neighborhood (not old people, but established and with grown trees, etc). We are so on the same page I love it. Back to Mooresville we went later in the day for Remix and saw more friends. Ps HI KATE!


One thought on “Weekend in Review 11/19-11/21

  1. Hi Alison! It was so great seeing you at Remix! I can’t wait until the Holidays roll around and hopefully we’ll be able to spend more time together. PS I’m obsessed with your blog 🙂

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