In Memory: Chris Brown

I mentioned earlier that Friday was a difficult day at work. Late Thursday evening my boss’ husband passed away unexpectedly. My heart was absolutely broken for her. I couldn’t begin to imagine the incredible pain and sorrow she felt. I cried and cried for her and just couldn’t believe that it had happened. They had only been married for two years and were so unbelievably in love. We talked about Chris all the time and I felt like I knew him as my own friend.

My boss sent out an email over the weekend thanking everyone for their prayers and words of encouragement. She wrote “The pain is at times unbearable, but when I cry, it is only because I miss him terribly.  It is not because I wish him here.  He is now with our King.” Wow. She was an inspiration to me before, but her strength and faith are so incredible. After reading this it made me think about so many things. I reassured her that though the days ahead will be very hard, she will see Chris again. And even better, she’ll get to spend eternity with him and our Father. What an awesome revelation!

Chris’ obituary was in the paper today. A fuller version was posted on the Book of Memories site. It gives a slight glimpse of the awesome man that he was:

“Our Lord and King called the name, Christopher Riley Brown, to walk through the gates of heaven November 18, 2010. Oh how the heavens must have rejoiced!

He will be greatly missed by his wife, Amanda; daughter, Amberly Coley; parents, Jay and Judy Brown; brothers, Brian and wife, Christy, and Gregory; grandmother, Hilda Beall; and countless more friends and family.

Chris was a faithful servant, touching the lives of so many during his walk with our Savior. A teacher and leader of the Word, Chris devoted his new birth to running the good race in His name. He did that very well. A devoted husband and father, he led his home with gentleness and truth. Chris will forever remain in the hearts of all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Chris was a captivating man of God. He had a heart of pure intention solely focusing on unselfish gain. Chris had met his Savior & was changed forever. He then devoted his life to the One. Chris shared his faith boldly but with such gentleness. He was radical but compassionate. Chris was always the one who would draw you in, leading & teaching. He was passionate yet humble. He truly relished each moment. He devoted his life to others. His days were filled with a yearning to become Christ like. He embodied what every one of us is called to be. The ones who are honored to call Chris son, brother, husband, father and friend knew him well. He revealed his heart to everyone he encountered. When you met Chris Brown you would be introduced to Jesus. If not by words, in his kindness, humility, graciousness, service, and transparency, Christ was there. He was a man after God’s own heart. Chris loved a good laugh. He put others first. He was what we all hope to be. A man devoted to his family, his work, his education, his friends but foremost his God.

If we could all been so fortunate to have spent some time with Chris. Those who laughed with him, loved him, shared those special moments with him will be changed forever. Even ones who only encountered him briefly have been challenged. Chris made you want to do better, be better, do more, be more. He was “that guy.” The one, who woke up earlier, read longer, served later, studied more, spent more. He is Chris Brown. He will live on in our hearts, minds, laughter, good times, but more importantly our ministry. He led his life constantly wanting to be a better Chris. He encouraged the ones who knew him to be at their best. In the days to come, honor Chris by being more like him. When you do you will honor the Holy One Chris was most like-
To know Chris is to know Christ.”

Wow. Personally, having something like this written about me after I die, would be the absolute highest honor. That is the goal isn’t it – to make our Father proud and shine His light? Chris did just that and more. Well done Chris. I can’t wait to meet you!


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