Weekend in Review: 11/12-11/14

My weekend started on Thursday since I took Friday off. I wanted to stay up late and do stuff that I normally can’t do on a weeknight. But I couldn’t even make it past 11! Pathetic!

I slept in for a bit on Friday and then went to the Y with my dad. Since I have to go before work, I usually only get to workout for about 45 minutes. It was really nice to do more and not be rushed. 70 minutes of cardio and 500 crunches? Check! After I got ready, we were going to go see a movie since it was my dad’s birthday. I convinced him to sit in the car while I went in a nearby store to try on some shoes. Though I have many shoes, I don’t have any to wear to work when it’s cold. Mission accomplished and they were buy one, get one half off! We were all ready to go to the movies, but when we got there my dad’s knee was really bothering him and he couldn’t even walk inside. So I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some things for dinner and also got a Red Box movie. I made homemade caramel corn for the bonfire Van and I were going to that night and then made a delicious German-style dinner per dad’s request. We had kaese Spaetzle (basically German macaroni and cheese…I feel like I’ve talked about this on here before…no?) and Schnitzel. I also made a salad dressing that went with the meal. Yummy calories galore! After dinner we headed to Kristin’s for the worship bonfire. Jessica’s brother’s band (The Invocation) drove 10 hours from Florida and they were there to sing and play while we sat around the fire. Loved it!

On Saturday we were up early for Party in the Park!! Lots of people came out for free food and fun and it was really cool to see everything come together so well. I am so blessed to be friends with such amazing people. Wow is really all I can say!

After resting and having dinner with my parents, we headed to Statesville to The Upper Room to see The Invocation play. Another great night with some favorite people!

Richard Stearns, author of The Hole in Our Gospel, spoke at church on Sunday. He basically just shared things he had written in his book, but it was still cool that he was there. We went to Concord for lunch and relaxation after that. Before lunch we watched a silly show (Four Weddings?) where four brides go to each other’s weddings and then rate them on all sorts of silly things. They try to out-do each other so that they can win a honeymoon. I found it ironic that they paid out the wazoo for their weddings to impress one another, yet they didn’t have enough money left to pay for a honeymoon. Strange people. Van and I took a nap for a few hours in the afternoon and then I returned home to have dinner with my parents and eat some of my mom’s delicious Caramelized Apple pie. Umm hello deliciuosness! She is the pie queen and this did not disappoint!

**All photos courtesy of Jessica Felix


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