Ten on Tuesday

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday!

1. We booked our Honeymoon to Riviera Maya! Check out where we’re staying. So ready for this:

2. Last week we also bought our wedding bands! Van is holding on to mine though. He thinks I will wear it. Psh.

3. He’s probably right. I would try it on a lot because it’s so pretty!

4. I bought some new 5 gum and after purchase realized that it’s black. I feel gothic when I chew it.

5. My boss and I are doing really well at brining our lunches. She’s saving for her daughter’s wedding so we have the same motivation!

6. Van and I are reading Love and Respect right now. If you’re married or getting married, READ IT! If you’re not, keep it in mind because it’s really insightful and SO good.

7. I had a free consultation at Clinique tonight. We tried out some different eye shadows and eye liners. I’ve never been good at doing that stuff, but I think I can manage what they showed me! I even got some free goodies just for doing it!!

8. More friends are falling in love and I LOVE it!

9. I’m taking Friday off and am super excited to have a short week! It’s my dad’s birthday and we’re going to go see a movie.

10. My Life Group is hosting a huge Party at the Park on Sunday. We are going to be having free food (enough for 500 people) and all kinds of games and activities. Just one little way to show God’s love to our community. Lots of other fun activities surrounding it too. Can’t wait!


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