Ten on Tuesday

1. Slowly but surely I’m learning how to use my Blackberry. If only I had Brittany Werts aka the Blackberry Queen here to help me!

2. Yay Giants! My fave is Buster Posey.

3. Dad is working in Baltimore this week on a consulting job! So hopeful that this will turn into something full-time.

4. I got some books in the mail yesterday. I’ll post my thoughts someday after I read them.

5. Love reading, but no time to do so! I may have to try out an audio book. I’d have to put it on my iPod since my radio/cd player doesn’t work in my car. We’ll see.

6. On Thursday I’m getting dinner with Ashley Pearson! I love when she’s in Charlotte for work! Last time she was here we spent almost 5 hours chatting! So much has changed since the last time we hung out. I’m sure we’ll have another marathon dinner!

7. I’m going to the Elevate Women event at the Cove on Friday with my new friend Patty. It’s all about learning to be better role models for the younger women in our lives.

8. I made cupcakes this week to take to work/Life Group. They were supposed to look like Candy Corn. Close enough for the first attempt, I’d say. I can’t even describe how yummy these were! Also my first time using one of those icing bags and decorating tips. I want to decorate more cupcakes/cookies!!

9. These are the flowers Van brought me last week. The little pumpkin ring was on top of the cupcake. It didn’t make it home for the picture. I gobbled it up on my way home!

10. Work is going to get busy pretty soon. We are working on the company magazine that will go out in February. Thankfully most of the articles have been written and we just need to edit, compile and work with the designer. When it’s done, there will only be 2 months left until my wedding! Whoaaa!


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