Weekend in Review 10/29-10/31

Fun Halloween day at work on Friday. Someone came around with little bags of treats, which started the day off nicely. My co-worker Kim and I were pretty excited about the Fun Dip, but decided to save it for after lunch. She and Josh, another co-worker, dressed up and had pretty clever costumes. Kim was a shooting star (ha!) and Josh was a Mac Daddy. Josh actually won the Funniest Costume award at the contest in the morning! Love that I work with entertaining people!

I’m so thankful that we reserved this weekend to spend time with family and have some down time. That was probably one of the best decisions we could have made! On Friday I spent time with my parents while Van helped out with running the chains at the football game at Mt. Pleasant. I didn’t get much accomplished, but it was so nice to just be at home, relax and chat with my mom.

I headed to Concord/Kannapolis early Saturday morning to meet up with Van at a storage unit auction. When people don’t pay their rent after a certain period of time, they put the contents up for auction. The entire bin is auctioned off, but you can’t go through the stuff to see what’s inside. That’s a little risky because it could all be boxes, but you could really find some treasures at a great deal. Most of what we saw was junk, but some of them did have some good stuff. No purchases for us, but good to know what those auctions are like! I forgot to mention that when I got there, Van had a cup of hot chocolate for me! That was really nice because it was prettttty chilly outside!

From there we went to look at wedding bands! We both found ones we like and Van is ready to make the purchase. Whoa. Talk about another dose of reality! After lunch we went back to his house and took a nap! I thought he was crazy when he said he thought we may sleep for 3 hours. Well I woke up about 3 hours later and was shocked! I guess I really was tired! After hanging out with his parents for a little while, we headed back to Mooresville to have dinner with my parents and watch the World Series. Some more quality time with the fam and hanging out was enjoyed.

Church on Sunday. Lunch at  Van’s. Home to run errands and watch the Halloween parade in my neighborhood. Favorite trick-or-treater was Batman. When we asked if he could fly, he took off his mask and said, “I’m only a boy!” Precious! Happy Halloween!!


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