Weekend in Review: 10/22 – 10/24

Friday was a glorious day. Hardly any traffic on the way to or from work. That can make such a difference, especially on a Friday! I went to Van’s right after work and after we ate dinner we dove right into stamping the save the dates! Not that I thought he wouldn’t be helpful, but I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that he initiated us working on them. I figured we’d just get to it at some point in the weekend, but I’m so thankful that he wanted to make the most of our time and get it done then! At the last minute we also decided to go to the Mt. Pleasant vs. Concord football game. It was homecoming aka super busy. I enjoyed seeing where he went to high school and imagining him at that age. There was also quite a bit of great people watching. Unfortunately, it was pretty chilly and Mt. Pleasant wasn’t doing so well, so we left a little early. We came back to his house and got everything ready to address the cards! In less than a half an hour, everything was done! Woohoo!!

On Saturday morning we took our time getting up and then Van made us pancakes! I’m spoiled and blessed, I know. I seriously couldn’t ask him to be any more wonderful. We enjoyed having breakfast together and then watched TV while the rest of his laundry finished. Then on to my house we went! We did a little shopping/napping/crafting (he napped, I crafted) and then headed out for Zach and Casey’s wedding. I just love weddings! The ceremony was beautiful, Casey was gorgeous and I cried like a baby. The reception was at someone’s amazing house with a great view and property. We enjoyed talking with friends and spending the evening in the crisp fall air. Jamie and Jessica were in the wedding and they looked oh-so-pretty in their gold dresses and sparkly hair. Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you, Zach and Casey!

It was really nice to go to church together on Sunday morning since we hadn’t been together in two weeks. We met with someone about serving opportunities after that and then made our way back to Concord for lunch with Van’s family. We had a delicious lunch (or dinner if you ask Mama Lambert) of chicken, beans, corn and biscuits. Oh yum. The rest of the day was spent napping, each of us again on our respective couches/chairs. I headed home in the evening to have dinner with my dad and do some cleaning. I found a bunch of papers and notes that I had made while job searching and was so excited that I could finally throw all of that away. No more keeping a list of companies to check on or job sites to visit. Thank. The. Lord.

A great weekend for sure. Ready for next weekend when we have NO plans!


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