Ten on Tuesday!

So tired. Need sleep. Posting this and then off to bed I go!

1. Tonight I held a brand new baby!! He was born yesterday and is so precious! His mom Rachelle used to work at Scrap Shack. Welcome to the world Daylen James Sanders!

2.  Free Hershey’s ice cream at work today. Love when winners of a recognition program are announced and there’s a reception that follows!

3. Van and I made two new friends! They’re the first friends that we’ve made as a couple and I’m so excited!!

4. This week’s goal is no soda. It was originally a goal last week, but then I forgot on Thursday when Van brought me dinner. Oops!

5. No gym so far this week. Needed some rest in a big way. We begin again tomorrow though.

6. Emily and Travis are getting married in 4 days!!

7. I wish we were getting married in 4 days…

8. There was hardly any traffic on the way to work yesterday. It was glorious but I couldn’t figure out why. Then my mom told me it was Memorial Day. I wish every day could be Memorial Day.

9. I love love. What a beautiful thing! One of my best friends is there now and it’s so neat to watch it evolve.

10. We’re going to the State Fair in Raleigh on Sunday with Mama Lambert!! Should be funnn!


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