Weekend in Review 10/8 – 10/10

Oh happy weekend! I was so incredibly excited for Friday last week, it wasn’t even funny. I went to Van’s after work and we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner shortly after I arrived. While we were on the way, Mark called and he and Amy were able to join us for dinner! Yay! Amy and I talked wedding pretty much the entire time. We have so much in common – both buying our dress Saturday, both buying the first dress we tried on…and more. I can’t wait for their wedding. It will be two weeks after ours and I just know that it will be so fun and perfect. Van and I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods after dinner so he could buy something with a gift card he got for his birthday. We watched a little baseball, but it didn’t take long for me to fall fast asleep. I think I slept almost 12 hours that night. SO needed!

We were a little lazy Saturday morning and we just hung out until I left to meet my mom to BUY MY DRESS! I tried it on again and knew that it was definitely the one. We also looked at Bridesmaid dresses and found some promising options. I hate that they are kinda expensive though. I’m on a mission to find some more affordable options. After this adventure, I went grocery shopping and bought mom a birthday gift. I did a little scrapbooking when I got home and then Derek and I started cooking dinner. We made Pioneer Woman’s Stuffed Shells and then a delicious Chocolate Oreo Cake for dessert. Yumm-o! The dessert was so rich and chocolately that I even had 2 glasses of milk. I don’t drink milk. But you had to with this cake!

My parents, Derek and I played scrabble after dinner. Derek won, of course, but I was a relatively close second. Van came over after he left Travis’ bachelor party at Dave & Buster’s, but there wasn’t much hang out time since Sunday would come early.

We got up pretty early on Sunday to head down to Atlanta for the Giants vs. Braves game.

Check out this beautiful butt peach that we passed in SC. Gets me every time.

The ride was quicker than I expected and we even stopped at Archiver’s on the way. I bought a few cute papers, but nothing overly exciting. I miss Scrap Shack’s selection! We also ate lunch at Atlanta Bread Company. We used to eat there all the time before Panera took all of their business. Boo. They are so much better than Panera, people just don’t understand.

We got to the park with plenty of time to spare so we got to watch them practice!

Dad was pulling for the Giants and at this time, I was a Braves fan.

Giants Pitcher

I really enjoyed being at the ballpark and people watching. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cheer for the Braves or the Giants until pretty much the end of the game. The Giants had been winning by 1 for most of the game, but then the Braves hit a homerun with a guy on base. I just had an unsettled feeling when this happened and that’s when I knew that I wanted the Giants to win. See? Easy as that.

There were super buff security guards standing on watch so I decided not to run out onto the field.

Something I noticed that I’m incredibly thankful for is that Van isn’t a diehard sports fan. He likes to know the game and current scores and stuff, but watching sports is not his life. I’ve known this for awhile, but it was kinda cool to see him compared with so many other guys at the game. Thank goodness!

The drive home seemed like it took FOREVER. My dad got tired a few hours in so Van drove the rest of the way home. I was exhausted and a little cranky by the time arrived. Sleep was definitely needed. It’s going to take me a few days to catch up from this weekend, but it was a lot of fun and I’m glad we went!


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