Weekend in Review 10/1 – 10/3

This weekend absolutely zoomed by. It was over before I even knew it began! So many activities kept me very busy, but I got to spend it with great friends, which is a huge plus!

On Friday night I went out in Charlotte with 11 other friends for Emily’s bachelorette party. We had dinner at Black Finn in the Epicenter and then did a little bar hopping between Whisky River and Suite. Lots of dancing and laughs. We partied until 1-2 AM. I think each of us commented at one point or another about how we aren’t used to being up that late anymore. We all stayed up way past our bedtimes! haha All for our sweet Emily!

I was up early on Saturday morning because my mom and I met Heidi in Gastonia at Poffie Girls (a wedding boutique). It was a MUCH different experience than the first store I went to with Rachel and my mom. It was definitely like we were on a schedule! The lady picked out some dresses according to a few descriptions I gave her and before I knew it I was standing there with my clothes off while she dressed me! Yikes! Caitlyn warned me about this, but this wasn’t the situation at the last store so I figured that maybe that was a northern thing. Nope! I found 2 favorites there and then was left with a decision between those two and another favorite from the other store. I like things about each of them…how will I choose?!

After the whirlwind adventure trying on dresses, we went to lunch at O’Charley’s. Yumm-o! Mom and I enjoyed a salad while Heidi had a house salad and bowl of soup. Perfect time to catch up with one of my favorites!

Hickory is about the same distance from Gastonia as Mooresville, so Heidi drove herself there and went back home after lunch. Van came over shortly after we got home. We spent the afternoon deciding on a Save the Date and showing my parents the engagement pictures.

That night we had a special event to attend: a bonfire at Kristin’s for her birthday! We ate wonderful home-cooked food and spent the evening hanging out with friends by the fire. What a great birthday celebration. Love you Kristin! Also a happy birthday to Jamie, even though she left us for the weekend to go to DC!

On Sunday we hung out at my house for awhile before heading back to Concord for the day. Mama Lambert made yummy soup for lunch and we spent the rest of the day being lazy and napping. At one point, Van, his dad and I were all sleeping in the living room on our respective chairs/couches. I woke up to the two of them snoring and fell back to sleep with a smile on my face. Like father, like son 🙂

We ended the evening serving at Remix and then came back to my house for dinner. What a quick weekend! I needed another day!


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