Ten on Tuesday

Hello and welcome to another week. It’s nice to be actually doing this ON Tuesday!

1. I don’t know if this was the case where you live, but it poured pretty much all day Sunday and Monday here and it was glorious. I could have done without all of the driving, but it was nice to have the rain, especially since it took away a lot of the heat!

2. Today was BEAUTIFUL. WoW! Around 70 degrees is definitely the kind of fall weather I’m looking for.

3. I had corporate orientation today and learned that the company that I work for is the 12th largest employer in the WORLD. Holy cow!

4. Parked behind an Elon car last week and another Elon-er was in orientation with me today. I just love that.

5. With orientation, they provided free lunch. I had the fresh cobb salad, which was an excellent choice. Getting it with onions was not such a good choice. After several pieces of gum AND dinner, the onions are still reminding me of their potency.

6. As you can see below, we got some sneak peeks of our engagement pics! I’m just dying to see the others! I will share our favorites here.

7. Going dress shopping again this Saturday! This time we’re going to Poffie Girls in Gastonia. I’ve heard lots of good things about this store and I’m excited to check it out for myself. Rachel and Heidi may join my mom and I reallllllly hope they do!

8. I’m getting so excited about all of the wedding plans that are starting to come together. Really wishing it was only a month away. But patience is a virtue.

9. This weekend is going to be tons o fun. Bachelorette party for Emily on Friday, wedding dress shopping Saturday morning, Bonfire for Kristin’s birthday Saturday night and then relaxation and Remix on Sunday. Woohoo!!

10. It’s 10:05. Past my bedtime. Until next time…


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