Ten on Tuesday

I definitely attempted to post on TUESDAY, but the internet wasn’t cooperating. That was probably a good thing because I wanted to go to bed early and the internet always keeps me up late. Can you believe that?!

1. I didn’t do anything on Tuesday tonight and it was glorious.

2. Well I did make Paninis for dinner, but that didn’t take up nearly as much time as my normal evening activities.

3. For some reason, it seems that my family thinks I’m the only one who knows how to make Paninis. Two slices of bread with olive oil on the outside, cheese, chicken, pesto or sauce of some kind and VOILA! Panini! I’m happy to make them, but it’s really not that difficult!

4. The majority of my cold has gone away, but now I’m left with sneezing and sniffles. My head also feels a little cloudy.

5. My friend Brittany (aka California Brittany) is coming to Charlotte on Friday with her boyfriend Mike!! Oooh I’m so so so excited! We’re going out to dinner (where is yet to be determined…too many great options to choose from) in downtown/uptown Charlotte.

6.On Saturday Van and I are getting our engagement pictures taken. I still can’t decide on what to wear. Van has had his outfits picked out for like 2 weeks. Why is being a guy so easy?

7. We are meeting with the church for the first time on Sunday (hopefully). The fact that I’m getting married is becoming more and more of a reality every day.

8. My blog needs more pictures. I’m going to look through the ones on my phone and see if there’s anything interesting there.

9. Looking for a low-cal treat? I recommend these chocolate covered pretzels. Only 100 calories! Also available covered in yogurt. YUM!

10. This past weekend I played around with some wedding ideas using Wendy’s Cricut die cut machine. Twas fun!


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