Ten on Thursday

Posting a little late, but better than never! Here’s this week’s Ten on Thursday!

1. Tonight I met up with my friend Jessica and we went to Van’s softball game in Concord! I LOVED chatting with her on the way there and back and we just had a grand evening. Van’s team won both games, but we only got to see the end of the 2nd one because they finished the first one early and didn’t play out the whole second game since the other team wasn’t doing so well. We stayed and hung out with Van for awhile afterward though.

2. We got a huge rainbow snow cone at the game. It wasn’t much of a cone though because it came in a bowl. But oh man. I love those things!

3. On my way home from work yesterday I got another flat tire. All of this driving is so hard on my car. Unfortunately it was the tire that Van had plugged on Labor Day.

4. The good thing about the flat was that Tire Master’s patched it and balanced my tires (or wheels, whatever they balance) for free.

5. I’m thankful for friends who are encouraging and who are excited about what God is doing in their lives.

6. My boss and I went to the Farmer’s Market during lunch today. The place is huge! I’d LOVE to go back on a Saturday morning when it’s really hoppin.

7. Have I mentioned that I think my boss is wonderful? I do 🙂

8. I wore my new pink shoes for the first time today. I was definitely stylin’ with my matching pink shirt. The inside of my lunch bag is also pink. That part was NOT planned. Oh, but I looked so cute!

9. Toast Master’s has a club that meets at work every other week. I think I may check it out. It’s a public speaking group that I think would be very helpful/beneficial.

10. I love Van. (Couldn’t think of anything else, but of that I’m sure!)


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