Weekend in Review 9/10 – 9/12

We had a great time this weekend hanging out and getting stuff accomplished. Van came over on Friday night and after eating dinner with my parents, I worked some more on a baseball scrapbook I’m making for his mom. I sure hope Mama Lambert doesn’t read the blog! While I was doing that, Van suggested that he and my parents play Scrabble…and that they did! I was sad to miss out on the fun, but I enjoyed scrapbooking since I haven’t had much time to do any of that in far too long. This working full-time stuff exhausts me so we called it a night pretty early.
Van left early Saturday morning and I worked on some wedding stuff and got my hair cut. It was way past time. While I was there, I booked April 16 so I can check that off my list too! Woohoo!

Rachel came over when I got home and we left to go dress shopping with my mom. I had WAY more success than I could’ve ever imagined! I’ve gotta admit that it’s not a bad feeling having everyone ooh and ahh when you come out of the dressing room! As we were leaving, Van called and happened to be right down the street. We followed him over to the reception location and checked it out since it was all decorated for a wedding that night. Then we went to the church so that mom and Rachel could see the outside. Van had to go to Men’s Warehouse to be fitted for an upcoming wedding he’s in so we went with him to check out some colors they have available. I do have to say that the girls only stayed for a few minutes…Victoria’s Secret was calling our name!

Van went back home to rest and we went to dinner at  a yummy Mexican restaurant. Rachel and I had margaritas and the three of us had fun chatting and hanging out. Rachel informed me that this would be my last unmarried birthday. So crazy to think of it that way! When we were finished eating, the restaurant staff came over and sang happy birthday to me. Our waitress put whipped cream all over my face as she sang. She just dabbed it here and there, smiling the whole time. It was pretty funny!

We picked Van up after dinner and he came back to my house for the night. We went to the early service the next morning and then back to his house for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent registering at Target and Kohl’s! While it was definitely fun, it was kind of difficult to figure out how we want to decorate! Thankfully you can keep adding/deleting online. I talked to Heidi and Pearl on my way home and LOVED catching up with both of them!


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