Ten on Thursday

Well Ten on Tuesday/Thursday seems to be the only blogging I’ve been able to do over the last few weeks. I don’t like that! Not that I think life is going to slow down by any means, but I definitely want to make more time to give this blog some love!

1. First and foremost, we have made a decision for the date of our wedding!! April 16, 2011 is set in stone! Church and reception location are good to go. Now on to the REALLY fun stuff!

2. Going shopping for a dress on Saturday with my mom and Rachel. We’ll be looking at dresses for me as well as my bridesmaids!

3. On Sunday Van and I are going to start registering! As of right now, we are thinking Target, Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Any suggestions? I was thinking Crate & Barrel instead of Bed Bath, but I’m just not sure.

4. I’ve already started making a list of things I want to register for. Oh my. This could potentially be one of my favorite things about getting married!

5. So my bday was yesterday and what a great day it was! I’ve gotta say that I got some GREAT gifts. Van got me the Built lunch bag and THE PINK SHOES!!!! You know, the ones that I wanted so badly when I went shopping for my suit! The ones that matched the shirt I bought PERFECTLY! Oh happy day!

6. Van’s parents got me a cupcake carrier and a recipe book that I couldn’t be more excited about. Thanks to Wendy for letting me fall in love with hers!

7. I also got some new Asics from my parents that I absolutely love. Pretty bright blue! Yayyy!!!

8. Haircut on Saturday. It’s about time.

9. Went out to dinner with my dad tonight at Red Robin. Did you know that you can join their birthday club and get a free gourmet burger for your bday? Oh yes. AND they even give you an ice cream sundae. Free too. Fab!

10. I don’t think I ever mentioned on here that I got a flat tire on my way to work during my 2nd week. I was more composed than I thought I’d be. It seemed pretty dangerous to be on the side of the interstate while cars zoomed past waiting for AAA, so I just sat there with my seatbelt on and waited patiently. Glad that experience is over. But I’m super paranoid every time I drive that my wheels are going to fly off or something like that will happen. No such incidents yet, but stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Ten on Thursday

  1. My wisdom on the registry is NOT Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They were awful for our registry! They don’t carry alot of the stuff in stock so it has to be ordered, which means your guests have to paying shipping and DO NOT get to use a coupon. Bad news! We loved Target and Crate and Barrel! Crate and Barrel are the best shippers ever. Everything is packed with so much paper all the items are very safe. Congrats on setting a date and don’t hesitate to call, e-mail, and send me a letter for advice.

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