Weekend in Review 9/1 – 9/3

Oh happy three-day weekend! I sure wish every weekend had 3 days. I guess that just makes those rare occasions even more special!

On Friday night we got to hang out with our buddy Travis! Sadly, his fiance Emily had to work. But we enjoyed Jimmie John’s and bowling while thinking of her. Travis is secretly a professional bowler. He tells all of us that he has to work late some nights and on the weekends, but we discovered his secret. He bowls every day. Check out that score below! We played two games, but we won’t talk about the second… 

We also played some arcade games like our fave Deal or No Deal. I think we may have won 70 tickets one time. No jackpot, but still fun. We didn’t have enough tickets to buy any prizes, though. We’ll just have to save them and come back!

Van went back home Saturday morning and I got to catch up on life. That evening, his parents and him came over for dinner. We had an early birthday celebration (for me!) and just sat around and talked. The mom’s were a little nervous, especially Mama Lambert. No awkward situations or conversations though! I think his parents would have been fine staying for another hour or so, but Van was ready to leave at around 9. His dad was surprised that they had even been there 3 hours and said that it only felt like 1! Now that’s a good thing!

I went back to Concord with them since we were going to Remix (Sunday night church service) the next day. We just hung out in the morning and had lunch before coming back to Mooresville. We napped and then went to church to serve. When we walked out after church, we noticed that Van had a flat tire. What is it with us and tires!? We decided to worry about it tomorrow so my dad came and picked us up. I can’t even explain how nice it was to be able to come home after church and relax like it was Saturday. Ahhh!

On Monday we (Van) tried to repair his tire, but it was too dry-rotted to take any more air. He put the spare on and then we took my car to get balanced. They found a screw in one of my tires (uggh), but Van said he could plug it when we got home instead of having them patch it. He and Bob worked on that when we got home and all was well.

With all of that excitement, Van went back home to rest for the remainder of the day. I hung out around the house and then went over to Tonya’s for a little Labor Day celebration. I didn’t play football, but I had a lot of fun chatting with the others who sat out as well. Yay for friends and holidays!!


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