San Diego Adventures

It’s about time I give a little trip recap from our quick vacation to the west coast. Here are the highlights from our travels and time in San Diego!

Even though we had to get to the airport reallllly early, we were both in great moods and Van was excited to fly for the first time. He enjoyed the first flight and even said that he was excited for the next (long) one to San Diego. Thank goodness!

Lisa and ChristyAnn picked us up from the airport shortly after we arrived. We headed over to the marina where her dad docks his monstrous boat and waited for the boys to arrive. In the meantime we enjoyed some delicious treats Lisa had picked up at a bakery. This is where the diet started to go out the window. We spent the majority of the morning/afternoon out of the water. It was the perfect opportunity for the kids as well as Jeff & Lisa to get to know Van. I loved that we were able to go out on the boat!

The rest of the week was spent playing on the beach and with the kids. I love how even after so many years I can still visit the Jones’ and it’s like nothing has ever changed! Except for the fact that they’re all growing up entirely tooo fast!!

I love my Jonesies! And I’m so happy they got to meet Van! I definitely didn’t expect that we’d be getting engaged just a few hours after leaving San Diego!


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