Ten on Thursday

Hello Thursday! You surely are so sweet. Right before Friday. But not just any Friday. The Friday before a 3 day weekend! Oh how glorious! I better get started so I can be ready to go for Friday. Oh hallelujah!

1. This week is just flying by! This probably has to do with the fact that I’ve had plans every single night this week. I’ve loved all that I’ve done, but whew! A girl gets tired!

2. Tonight I went to dinner with my sweet Anna. We laughed quite a bit, per usual. She is leaving for France so soon. September 22 to be exact. We realized that tonight when we hung out we couldn’t stay up laughing and talking until 2 am. That’s the bummer of having a big girl job. We’ll just have to save that fun for a weekend!

3. Last night we met up with some Life Groupers for First Wednesday at The Cove. Loved the message brought by Mr. Weber on truth.

4. During the day yesterday I sent an email to Van saying that I really wanted to have sushi sometime soon. For some reason I just had this burst of a craving for sushi. And do you know what? When he showed up at my door at 6:15 he had sushi in his hand from JJ Wasabi! Wow! I was just blown away by his thoughtfulness. I sure am blessed to be loved by him!

5. Van’s parents and my parents are finally meeting this weekend. It should be entertaining. My dad suggested board games to break the ice. While a nice idea, I think it would be more awkward than anything. I’m sure the moms will have all kinds of things to talk about aka THE WEDDING and the dads will just sit back and listen. And Van and I will laugh and laugh and laugh. I’ll let you know how that goes.

6. Really, I’m not worried about them meeting at all. It’s just one of those things that is labeled as a big deal. At least we’re engaged now so there’s definitely good reason for it!

7. On Tuesday night I babysat for Wendy from the Shack. Her oldest son just started Kindergarten and therefore had to go to bed at 8. When I told him that we couldn’t watch a Bob the Builder movie because it was almost 8, he told me that his bedtime is 7. Unfortunately, he didn’t make a very good case for himself. He fell asleep within minutes though…as did his 1 year old brother who fell asleep in my arms! Aww! I love kids/babies!

8. NO. Do not expect a baby from me anytime soon. Yes, I can’t wait for that. But NO. Give us some time, people! 🙂

9. Back on the wedding front, we are finding more and more information on churches in the area. Yay! For awhile it seemed that all of the ones we contacted do not marry non-members. Or if they did, their prices were way too high. We did visit one church on Monday evening that was so beautiful. It was old, quaint and unique. Hopefully we’ll have some decisions made in the next week or so. I’m ready to get past these details and start working on the fun stuff!

10. Gym in the morning. Gotta get up early! Off to bed I go. Goodnight!


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