Weekend in Review

Week 2 of working in the real world is complete! I was so ready for the weekend by Friday and couldn’t wait to just relax and chill for a few days. We started the weekend off right by having dinner with Mark and Amy. Mark proposed to Amy about a week after we got engaged and we couldn’t be more excited for them. We are both planning our weddings for around the same time and I’m really looking forward to doing a little wedding planning with Amy!

After we left dinner Van and I went to Target. We checked out some kitchen stuff and just walked around. It was kind of nice to get an idea of his preferences for bedding, dinnerware, etc. Registering should be lots of fun…except he just wants to register for the essentials. I say we need SOME fun stuff in there too!

On Saturday we got up pretty early and headed to my house at around 10. We went over benefits stuff with my parents and then we all went to Birkdale. I haven’t been window shopping in so long. I loved it! We looked at all kinds of stores including Williams Sonoma, Pier 1 and even a bridal store. I can’t wait to start looking for a dress!!!

That afternoon my mom and I had our Facebook date and she uploaded her first album with the pictures she took in Oregon. I think it could take awhile for her to get the hang of this Facebook thing. But I did notice the other day that she commented on a wall post someone left her. I have to admit that I was impressed! Later that night all of us played 2 games of Scrabble and enjoyed some yummy cocktails/wine. I just love playing board games! But margaritas seem to make games a little more challenging 🙂

We went to early church on Sunday and then went back to Concord for lunch with Van’s family. I hung out there for a little while then came back home and was able to get caught up on all kinds of things that have been pushed aside. I definitely needed that afternoon to be refreshed for the upcoming week.

Successful weekend? I’d say so!


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