Ten on Tuesday

Well, well…here we are on Tuesday and I remembered to blog! Go me! I’ve only made it two days this week and I’m already exhausted. Early bedtimes are surely on the lineup for the rest of the week.

1. Tonight I went to my first company meeting. It was great because the CEO and others on the board gave overviews of the sectors and talked a lot about happenings throughout the company. There was a reception afterward with lots of yummy food and treats. It pays to work for a foodservice company!

2. I get my ring back tomorrow! It was being sized and I haven’t worn it for over 12 days. I know I didn’t really have it all that long before, but I got used to wearing it all the time. So ready to have it back on my finger! 🙂

3. I am really wanting a lunch bag to take to work. Lame. I know. That’s what happens when you “grow up.” haha These are two that I’m loving:

This one is from Built. The Vine pattern is my favorite. Oh I love it!

This Mario Batali one from Target is pretty cute too. It also comes with some adorable utensils. How to choose!?

4. I’ve just started my search for a cute lunch bag, so any suggestions are welcome! I did see a few at lunch the other day that I loved, but I didn’t want to be the sketchy girl who talked to strangers about lunch bags. Maybe I’ll save that for another day!

5. I got the sweetest email from Miss Brittany Werts today. It sure made me smile 🙂

6. Signing up for benefits is confusing. I’m thankful to have them, but I just don’t understand all of this lingo. Meeting with mom and dad to figure it all out this weekend. Thank goodness for them!

7. My mom has Facebook. I blame the Bishops. Now she wants to upload photos from Oregon. I guess we will have to trade our expertise this weekend. She can teach me about benefits and I will teach her about Facebook. This could take awhile…

8. I really  need to decorate my cube a bit. A co-worker told me that it was so bare today. We can’t have that!

9. Having friends at work makes me happy. I hope my first friends turn into  great friends!

10. Wow I’m tired! Off to chat with my boy then to bed I go! Two weeks ago I would’ve thought that I was crazy for going to bed before 10. Now I can hardly make it that late!


One thought on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. hi sweet lady! Got your box shipped to you this weekend. Since I did the book rate again it will be atleast a week. Anyway, there is one item in there for Van. I liked some cute lunch sacks at Kohls and of course, Steinmart. Built ones are really great – Levi’s is the same ecofriendly material and it is awesome.
    i love and miss u – i never have enough time to spend with you when we are together I think next time I will not sleep and you will not be able to either 🙂

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