Pictures From My Phone

I was going through the pictures I’ve taken on my phone the other day, and decided some would be fun to share! Here are a few snapshots of my life lately…

Grandma, Uncle Jeff, and Julie hanging out on the stairs. Sorry mom! Didn’t realize you were wiping your nose in the background! But the pic of them is just so sweet!

The Seaside Candy Man. He stands on the corners downtown, singing songs about taffy flavors and handing out free pieces of taffy. I don’t remember Seaside without him!

Relaxing in San Diego. Van and his new best friend Levi.

Cute little sign from Emily at JRM that was sitting on my computer when I got back. I loved it! Thanks Emily!

Ready for my first interview!

My building and me on my first day of work! Woohoo!

Gift from HR. How sweet! There were all kinds of goodies in there that made my first day extra special.

Free Marble Slab ice cream on the second day at work! So generous!!

That’s it for now…we’ll see what else I can pull out of the archives next time!


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