Ten on Thursday

I’ve decided…it’s official! Ten on Tuesday will now be Ten on Tuesday OR Thursday! That’s just the way it’s gotta be. Let’s get started, shall we?!

1. I love my job. I really still can’t believe that it’s reality. And it’s a job doing what I want to do! My career has begun!

2. Job title = Communications Coordinator at Compass Group. I wonder if I’ll get business cards some day?

3. I have spotted 2 cars in the parking lot with Elon stickers. And that doesn’t even include my car! You can imagine my excitement!! 🙂

4. On my second day at work they had free ice cream for the whole company! And it wasn’t just yucky small little cups from the grocery store. Oh no. It was Marble Slab ice cream! It had been scooped earlier, but you could pick from Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Butter Pecan and Cake Batter. I chose the latter and then added sprinkles and a few mini chocolate chips! Perfection!

5. I’m kind of enjoying my commute to and from work. I just add new podcasts or messages to my iPod and put one ear bud in and I’m there before I know it!

6. Commute = 45 mins there and 1 hour back. Except today it was an hour and 15 mins there and 40 mins back. Strange.

7. Let’s talk wedding. We have an appointment at a reception site on Saturday! They have a wedding there that night so hopefully we’ll get to see it a little decorated!

8. I’m so giddy and excited about the little details…I just want to start planning all of that NOW! But church and reception location come first! Oh and I need to get a dress…oh my!

9. Mama Lambert is also pretty excited. The other day we were watching TV and she said, “I just want to talk wedding.” I love that she’s so interested!

10. Churches are expensive. More so than we were thinking. But it does involve the most important part of the whole day, so I’d have to say it’s definitely worth it.

Happy Friday…tomorrow!


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