Ten on…Thursday (again!)

Well here we are at Thursday and I realized that once again, I missed Ten on Tuesday! Thursday may just have to become the new day for this post, but it just doesn’t sound quite as cute! Not that it matters all that much, but still…consistency is key!

1. I’ve been getting some ADORABLE cards in the mail congratulating us on the engagement and me on the job. Thanks so much friends…especially Pearl, Erika, Christy Ann, Kelsey, Sandi, and Jess!!

2. Also got the Real Simple Weddings Magazine from Jess in the mail today. Oh boy, I’m going to have fun with that one!!

3. So it seems that this is just a great week for mail. I also got my benefits information in the mail yesterday. Lots to figure out, but exciting nonetheless!

4. Clearly since I received the benefits info, I officially got the job! The offer was pending until my background check was complete. Phew! Thankfully no worries there!

5. Going to get my ring sized tonight. I’m interested to see how they do this. I’m also excited because the jeweler offers free cleanings every 6 months. Woohoo!

6. When Van bought the ring, they gave him a bag full of goodies and included was Mr. & Mrs. Soap. Cute.

7. I started looking at photographers and reception venues today. Lots to consider, but so far the options are looking pretty fab.

8. Someone special has a birthday on Saturday! We are going to play lazer tag with some Life Group friends and then get dinner. The wonderfully sweet Jessica and Tonya had birthdays this week too, so it will be a big celebration to remember! Also can’t wait to give Van his gifts…I actually shopped early for them and I’ve just been dying to give them to him!

9. We signed up for pre-marital counseling today as well. It’s called Prepare to Last and we’ll be taking it at The Cove. I’m really looking forward to this and from what I can tell Van is too!

10. I’ve been scrapbooking some this week in my free time. Better do this while I still actually have that time! Starting next week, it’ll be pretttty minimal! 😦


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