Weekend in Review

This weekend started off with a few softball games for Van on Friday night…one loss, one victory. Ma & Pa Lambert came too per usual and we had fun enjoying some concession stand delicacies. For me there was a snow cone, for Papa Lambert a slice of pound cake, for Mama Lambert some popcorn, and for Van some bubble gum. Other treats were had as well, but those are just a few of the highlights! Oh and there was a lot of fabulous people watching at these games. It was even more out in the country so I got to listen to all kinds of entertaining people. Loved it.

After Van worked on his car for a bit on Saturday morning, we headed to Concord Mills in search of a business suit for my upcoming interview on Wednesday! Trying on suits on a sweltering hot day is not something I will be doing again anytime soon. Luckily I liked the first one I tried on and we were sold! I got a fuchsia top to wear underneath and there were some ADORABLE fuchsia flats with a little ruffle at the toe that matched perfectly. We all agreed (Van included) that they wouldn’t be very professional for my interview. But the sales lady did tell me that if I get the job, I can come back and get them! Oh and Van was super sweet when I came out of the dressing room for the first time in my suit. He said some really nice things and then later told me that he almost cried when he first saw me because he was so proud. Wow I love him!

A nap was surely needed after that adventure and we ended up sleeping for over 2 hours. It’s a good thing we had plans to see Inception with friends or we might not have gotten up! The movie was really good as was dinner afterward at Hickory Tavern.

Church on Sunday morning was great with the new series on The Good Life. Please see 10 on…Thursday for the excitement that happened after church. Oops. After going back to Concord to have lunch with Van’s family I returned home where Heidi was waiting for me! We made Zwetschgendatschi aka German Plum Cake! Say that five times fast…or even just once and you have a mouthful! We were a little skeptical of the directions since they were in a German cookbook that had been translated into English, but it turned out so well! We spent the afternoon making all kinds of silly plum jokes. Oh how I love time with this sweet, sweet friend!


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