Ten on…Thursday!

So clearly I missed Ten on Tuesday this week…so Thursday will have to work! It was for good reason though, not because I forgot! Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Job interview on Wednesday went very well. Left with such positive feelings and an even deeper assurance that I want to work for this company. No matter how you do it…please keep your fingers crossed and/or pray for me in the rest of this process!

2. We will be on the West Coast in less than 2 days. Just the thought of being able to say to people on Friday that “I will be on the beach in San Diego tomorrow” makes me giddy.

3. Really need to pack. Really. But I’m only taking a carry-on so I can’t bring all that much anyway. So maybe the sense of urgency in packing isn’t all that intense because I don’t have that much to pack. I should probably just do it though…

4. I saw Letters to Juliet last week with Anna and LOVED it! Was it because it was filmed in Europe? Possibly. Was it because it was light and entertaining? Most likely. Was it because it was a chick flick with a happy ending? Uhh Yeah!

5. Also saw Inception with Life Group friends. So good! You have to pay attention constantly though so no wondering about the possible reality of it all during the movie. Whew! Dinner at Hickory Tavern afterwards was also much enjoyed.

6. So I have this bad habit of not taking a set of keys with me when I go places. Usually I drive and my keys are all together on the ring and I can just open the garage door or use my key if I really have to. But this past Sunday Van drove to church and I didn’t bring my keys. I didn’t realize this until we got home, but my mom was working and my dad went to the store which left us outside in the insane heat. Of course it was also 11 on Sunday morning so the neighbors who have spare keys to our house were at church. Finally after sitting outside for what seemed like forever feeling absolutely terrible that I had forgotten my keys, I have the brilliant idea of going to mom’s work and getting her keys! Thankfully Van took a wrong turn along the way and we saw my dad driving down the street. We didn’t even have to go half way there. Wow. Lesson learned.

7. Is this only #7? Geeze. Tonight we had mom’s chicken enchiladas for my brother’s bday dinner. Yumm-o.

8. Discussing upcoming wedding dress shopping with my friend Ashley in Oregon just makes me so excited for her and the whole planning process. I can’t believe that my friends are getting married. Are we really old enough for that?

9. I’m dying to “get crafty” but there are just so many other things going on right now that demand attention. Wish I could do THAT for my job!

10. Realizing more and more just how incredibly happy I am right now. Loving life like crazy and am just so thankful to be filled with so much joy!!


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