Weekend in Review: Busy Relaxation

This past weekend was so much fun! The fun started a little earlier than the actual weekend as Van and I were able to have dinner with our friends Mark and Amy. Mark is Van’s best friend from growing up and Amy is his adorable girlfriend. So glad we were finally able to get together! But it was definitely too short of a hang out!

On Friday I worked at the Shack on it’s 2nd to last day and then Van and I joined some other Life Groupers at the Concert on the Green in Davidson. My mom and her friend were also there so I found it pretty funny that our group of friends sat almost directly in front of the bench where my mom was sitting. We even got ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s and had a few drinks as the night went on. What a great opportunity to just hang out and deepen our friendships. Thanks to Bethany, a few pics were taken that night!

Van and I took a class at The Cove on Saturday morning. It was about discovering your spiritual gifts and applying them through serving. If you go to The Cove and have wanted to take the class, I really recommend it! Later in the afternoon we headed to Concord to celebrate Van’s dad’s birthday. We went to Logan’s steakhouse and I had yummy salad…I think it was called Kickin’ Chicken. Mmm.

We got up early Sunday morning and took a little road trip to Elon, where we met up with Jess and her parents for breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe. What a great choice, Jess! They were on their way home from the beach and they had the brilliant idea of stopping at Elon as their rest point. We spent awhile chatting at the restaurant as we enjoyed our food and then walked around Elon for awhile, checking out all kinds of new things and reminiscing on our time there. The funny thing is that Jess and I met Van on the same night (at Josh’s New Year’s Eve party) and both have heard quite a bit about each other since. I’m so glad we got to meet up and spend this time together! Unfortunately, we weren’t thinking and didn’t take a single picture.

Sunday evening was spent serving at The Cove and then eating at Applebee’s with some fun friends. Six is a much more enjoyable number of people to go out to eat with as opposed to 15!

Successful weekend: Check!


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