Upcoming Travel

So it’s no surprise to many of you that I LOVE traveling. And for those who have known me for awhile know that going to Oregon in the summer is something I look forward to every year. It’s really the only time I see my extended family and something about returning to the place of your youth is just wonderful. This will the 13th summer that we are returning to Oregon after to moving to North Carolina and I can barely contain my excitement. I actually have to intentionally not think about it so that my time/mind isn’t completely consumed with all of the fun and good times that await!

Sadly my brother can’t come this year because of silly summer school at NC State. It just won’t be the same without him. Thankfully, Van will be coming with us and we were able to use frequent flier miles for both of our tickets (thanks, dad!) so that just makes it even more fabulous. Van and I will first be hitting San Diego for a short stay with the Jones’ at the beach house at Mission Beach and I can’t wait!! He will get to meet one of my favorite people ever, Lisa, and her family. I babysat for them when they lived across the street in NC several years ago. We have remained great friends and I try to visit them once a year…I actually saw them in January so I’m doing pretty well this year!

After a few days in San Diego we’ll fly up to Oregon and stay in Portland for a few days before heading to the beach where my grandma and other family live. We will get to see my 2nd family in Portland (the Bishops) and I’m really excited for Van to meet Makenna’s family. Fun will surely be had there. My cousin will also be getting married at the end of that week so lucky little Van will get to meet lots of family!

And can you imagine that all of this will be happening over the course of one short week? Oh my! We usually spend at least 2 weeks in Oregon, but this year I’ll have to make it an abbreviated trip and enjoy as much as I can in the few days that we have! Van has also never flown before, but I think he’ll do just fine. I do feel quite guilty that by the time we return, he will have been on 6 flights! Hey, we got those tickets for free though, right!?


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