Eclipse…the movie

A friend from work recently had an awesome little party for the new Eclipse movie. She doesn’t just like these books/movies/characters, she’s totally obsessed…and it’s just awesome. I really like when people like something and then they are really into it! Her entire spare bedroom is decked out in Twilight paraphernalia and she’s basically got it all. We had cute little vampire sodas to drink and she put together little goodie bags for us to take to the movie. Just so cute. We laughed A LOT and I got to meet some more new people.

I thought the movie was fabulous. They just keep getting better and better. I wonder what Twilight would’ve been like if they’d had better funding at the time? Oh well. Kristen Stewart is also getting better, but she’s still pretty dang awkward. And I must say that although I was on team Edward all the way through the books, Jacob is definitely making his way to the top. I mean, it doesn’t hurt that Taylor Lautner is just beautiful!

So…I’d see it again. I’d probably even buy it!


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