Weekend in Review: DC Reunion

I am so thankful to have had the pleasure of spending a long weekend in the DC area! I left early Friday morning and drove a little more than 6 hours to Ellicott City, MD where I met up with the lovely Caitlyn Andersen…have to force myself to write the correct last name!! We had lunch with her mom and then went out for a little shopping trip at the ever dangerious Marshall’s and then the best of all, Costco! We walked around and sampled quite an array of treats ranging from Coffee to chicken in a can (shocked at how good this was) and finally Hi-Chew candies. Mmm! This was all followed by some absolutely fab soft serve ice cream that only Costco can provide. Cait’s mom got a Churro and I wish I never knew how yummy those things are! We then met up with Megan, Caitlyn’s sister and the four of us had dinner and went to see the musical, Music Man. Very entertaining and fun! We also had a very brief visit with Ms. Becca Watts before the show…definitely too short, but I’ll take it over nothing!

Saturday was full of big plans. Caitlyn, Kyle (Cait’s husband), and I met up with one of my roommates from Elon and two of the boys who lived across the hall for 3 years. It was rainy and yucky, but we finally met up with Erika, Chris, and Parker at the Botanical Garden! We walked around the inside exhibits and saw lots of pretty flowers. It was incredibly hot/humid in there so we didn’t stay all that long. Van and I have been wanting to visit the Botanical Garden in Charlotte and I really think it will be a treat once the weather cools down!

From the BG we walked to the National Archives and watched a little info show and then wandered around a bit. It felt so good to be in the air conditioning with all of that humidity! When it was time to leave, the rain had stopped and the walk to Qdoba (a college-time favorite) was much more enjoyable. We spent quite awhile just chatting and enjoying each other’s company before stopping to get Frozen Yogurt from the coolest place. I’d only been to one of these kinds of places before, but it was in California. There are all kinds of flavors to choose from and you fill your own cup and then add whatever toppings you want. The price is based on how much you get and at .39 per ounce, they’ve got quite a successful little business!

After making an incredibly brief stop inside the Museum of Natural History, Caitlyn, Kyle, and I headed back to MD. We then went to dinner with her family and spent the rest of the evening watching Mama Mia outside! The cutest little wine store projected the movie on the brick wall outside their business and lots of people brought chairs, had a picnic, and enjoyed the show!

On Sunday, Caitlyn had a few things going on so I spent the day with Erika, Chris, and Parker at Chris’ grandparents house. This house was GORGEOUS! It had a beautiful view of the river basin and his grandparents couldn’t have been friendlier and more generous. We had a really fun day swimming, watching the World Cup, picking crab, reminiscing and laughing about funny memories, and enjoying a relaxing day away from the chaos and distractions of everyday life.

I headed back home on Monday morning after a wonderful weekend spent with friends. Missed my boy at home though and am pretty sure that I love traveling with him best of all.


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