Jump Roping

Or is it jumping rope?! Anyway, I started back at this great little exercise yesterday and remembered just how much I love it. No sarcasm here…I really think its fun! In high school I did it nearly every day for a few months and lost 15 pounds so quickly. Before starting my internship, I went to the gym every morning before work. But this new 8:30 starting time just doesn’t allow for all of that. So I’m going to start doing this on those mornings (T/Th) and then staying with my routine won’t be such a challenge. I did 2,000 jumps in about 20 mins yesterday afternoon. My jump rope has a counter like in the picture above so it’s easy to keep track of how much I’ve done. LOVE that! I’m hoping to get up to about 5,000 in the next few weeks. Wish me luck! 🙂


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