Weekend in Review: Myrtle Beach

From Friday-Sunday Van, his mom, and I spent a long weekend at the beach! Mama Lambert hadn’t been to the beach in over 10 years and has just been dying to go. I think she’s been buying things for our trip since we decided to go in March and she was all packed up a whole week before we even left. Too cute!

Our goal was to leave at 8 on Friday, but we were all ready at 7:30 so we got an early start. We stopped for breakfast at a little place called Wayside and I had my first bite of Livermush. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought it was a brownie from its appearance! It really wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering up my own plate of it any time soon. I got French Toast and it was delish!

Friday was spent lounging on the beach and playing in the ocean. We read a little and just hung out until we decided to go back to the hotel and get ready for shopping, dinner, etc. We went to Barefoot Landing and had a terrifically unhealthy dinner at River City Grill before walking around the shops and eventually getting ice cream at Maggie Moos. Mmm!

On Saturday we were up early and Mama Lambert was on the beach by 8:30! She rented an umbrella and was prepared to stay out there for the entire day. Van and I eventually made it out at around 10 and the 3 of us napped, swam, read, and hung out by the pool. Later that evening we went to Broadway at the Beach for more shopping and hang out time. We ate at Liberty Steakhouse (yum) and then shopped. Mama Lambert had been looking for some glass jewelry and we finally found it. She even bought a necklace for me!

My favorite find though was the Little Miss Matched section inside the super intense candy store. I got these adorable little socks that I’ve been wanting for soo long!

We went back to the hotel to rest for a bit before heading out again for miniature golf. It was still SO hot even though we waited until 9 pm! I ended up winning with a 48 and Van and Mama Lambert tied with 52. Love mini golf!

On Sunday morning we stopped at the outlet stores on our way out of town. Lots of good stores like Ann Taylor Loft, J.Crew, Gap, Fossill, etc. Got some new cute shirts for work that will be just lovely!


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